Au Pair: Rewarding Part-Time Job For Young Women

The Rewarding Job of Au Pairs

By definition, an au pair is a young person in foreign country, who is usually female, working for and living as part of another family in another country. They are around 17-26 years old. Usually, they take care of a family’s younger children or basically take part in that family’s responsibilities especially on child care, they help in household chores too. They come from different countries all over the world.

There are many things which make being an au pair such a rewarding part-time job. To name a few,  given that people who choose this job come from other countries, they often feel less struggle in finding a place to stay as compared to other foreigners who also decided to try their luck in another country. Research provides that women are more organized than men, most of them are more compassionate, and more expressive when it comes to their emotions. These traits make them most-suited for these types of jobs.

Young women are known to be the best au pairs, this allows them to have decent income while staying with another family where they can feel safe as well.  In several countries, they mostly make 600 to 700 US dollars on a monthly basis. It does not seem much at first, but the fact that one can save so much from staying rent-free and in most cases, food is free as well as it will be included in the benefits in working for the host family. It is a great way to start in a foreign country, you can fend for yourself while also pursuing your education or career development.

The Cultural Exchanges and the Connections Built

This kind of job is not only rewarding in terms of monetary compensation, au pairs and the families they stay with learn a lot about each other, including the culture of the country which they came from. Children from these families get to learn about their culture, and even their language too.  It is a great way to get to know each other and earn each other’s trust.

As they stay with the host families, they also continue to learn about their culture, their traditions, their living conditions. All this while having a wholesome experience in another country, and being able to build connections with other people.

Moreover, there are several agencies providing for this program, so one who plans to work on this job does not really have to worry. Agencies are mostly the ones who find the family for them. This way, agencies do the background check and other precautionary measures in order to ensure that they will be safe while staying in the family they are assigned  with.

It is a win-win solution for the host family and for the au pairs. While au pairs provide for personalized child care programs, the host family also provides for the shelter, money, and security to them. Most host families also treat au pairs as part of their family too. This creates special bonds and deep connections which could even last a lifetime.

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